ONE OFF OFFER about the Corona-virus prevention

Answer to this challenging period and opportunity to show care for your employees


The corona-virus crisis is a story with an unclear ending. What is clear is that the human impact is already tragic, and that companies have an imperative to act immediately to protect their employees, address business challenges and risks, and help to mitigate the outbreak in whatever ways they can.

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During this time of fear and uncertainty concerning the virus, your employees can feel unsecured and oppressed which will lead to lower productivity, performance, happiness and will degrade the atmosphere at work. Despite the financials’ precautions, you as MD or Head of HR, need to keep cheering your employees up and keep them mobilized, always at reasonable cost.

Solutions exist and Fitdao has them to lift your concerns. In the meantime, we share with you some practical and theoretical information on how to face the virus.

you are what you eat, Balance your diet!

1- Cut Back Alcohol

Avoid alcohol as it interferes with sleep quality. You are much more likely to get sick when you are sleep deprived. Nightcaps also disrupt REM sleep, which is the most restorative part of sleep. 

2- Drink Tea Instead!

According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, several fresh-brewed cups a day can lead to potential health benefits. These include lower blood pressure and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

To drink hot green tea with lemon and honey is a simple but effective way to stimulate the cilia - the hair follicles in the nose - to move out germs more efficiently. Lemon thins mucus, and honey is antibacterial. Green tea’s health benefits may be due to its high level of antioxidants, called flavonoids.

3- Get A Protein Fix

Research shows that diets that are too low in protein can deplete the immune system. Make sure to get protein-rich foods throughout the day, especially fish, eggs and yogurt.

4- Start Juicing

Drink water constantly to flush toxins out through the lymph system. During this flu season, simply start your day by making and drinking homemade juice. Use local products but kale, broccoli, apple, arugula, parsley, cucumber, carrots, lemon and mint are easy to find for ex. Since it is difficult to reach your

recommended five to nine servings of whole fruits and vegetables every day, juicing allows you to drink that amount in concentrated form.

If you get a scratchy throat and think you might be getting a cold, get a zinc-based solution or candy (available in most of pharmacies) for a few days. They relieve symptoms and can get you better faster.

Take care Of Physical & Social Variables

5- sweat it out

This is a must! You can sweat whenever and/or wherever you possibly can: sports, sauna… Sweating makes you feel like you are getting all the toxins and germs out. Staying active by following a regular exercise routine does more than keep you fit and trim. According to a study published in the Journal Neurological Clinicians, regular exercise also:

- keeps inflammation and chronic disease at bay

- reduces stress and the release of stress-related hormones

- accelerates the circulation of disease-fighting white blood cells (WBCs), which helps the body fight the common cold.

Whatever it is, options are endless and facilities all around, or even easy from home. Deliver a tailor-made program to your employees as this will benefit all and first the company with cohesion, collaboration and communication!


6- be social

Doctors have long seen a connection between chronic disease and loneliness. Some health authorities even consider social isolation a risk factor for chronic diseases.

Research published by the American Psychological Association suggests that social isolation may increase stress, which slows the body’s immune response and ability to heal quickly. In the study, male rats were slightly more susceptible to damage from social isolation than females.

Organize regular and entertaining social events in the office and you will develop your social intelligence and collective soft skills within the company!

7- pamper your nose

Do a daily nasal rinse with a bulb syringe to flush out viruses and help clear secretions. You can buy nasal saline irrigation at the drugstore or make your own: mix 3 teaspoons iodide-free salt and 1 teaspoon baking soda. Add 1 teaspoon of this mixture to 1 cup distilled or cooled boiled water.

Chill & Relax 


Many technics exist and some are effective and simple such as breathing technics. Depending on your habits or preferences, other technics such as meditation and why not Taiichi aim to the same result.

Try to receive massages once a month (or more as this is relatively easy around) to increase the circulation, which boosts immunity by nourishing cells with more oxygen and blood. It also makes you relaxed and less stressed, and when you're less stressed, you're less likely to be a germ magnet.

9- embrace essential oils

Use a few drops of lavender essential oil s a natural hand sanitizer on the go. Having those perfumes in the office also allows a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.


10- don't skimp on sleep

The strategy is to double down on trying to get enough sleep, even if it's just a power nap.

Research shows that our bodies need seven to eight hours of sleep in order to stimulate an immune response from our 'natural killer cells,' which attack viruses.

sanitize often and prevent 

12- Wash your hands and wipe down gym equipment 

Naturally you need to wash your hands often and pat them fully dry so they don't get flaky, which can allow germs in. You also need to use hands sanitizer, but standard soap has been proven highly efficient.

Gyms are crawling with sweaty towels, dirty sneakers and other germy grossness. Instead of sitting directly on a mat or bench, place a clean towel on it first. Any equipment that you have to touch—like free weights or bicycle handlebars— clean first with antibacterial wipes for ex.



The new coronavirus is primarily a respiratory illness, and it typically spreads via airborne droplets from an infected patient's coughs or sneezes. Viral particles can survive for a time on surfaces, but the coronavirus' lifespan on surfaces depends on various factors, like temperature and humidity. Some human coronaviruses, like SARS, can last for days on surfaces. But one expert says the new coronavirus is more likely to last "hours to a day or so."

Clean everything that gets touched by lots of people—microwaves, fax-machine keys, doorknobs, elevator buttons, the armrests on my chair—with a good disinfectant on a frequent basis, even if it looks clean. It's just basic hygiene.


Staying healthy is more than just practicing a few good techniques when you don’t feel well. It involves regular exercise, healthy foods, and staying hydrated throughout the day. When it comes to prevention, common sense through simple habits can be taught.

Fitdao will provide your employees the activities and education needed to prevent infection but also decrease the stress level related to this virus. A special package has been designed for this particular situation where the company must protect their employees. Show care and consideration during this period, you will get a lot more in return!